Trump Returns: Trump came out 40 days after leaving the White House; Said – I’ll be back in 2024; Criticized India, China and Russia

Forty days after leaving the White House, former US President Donald Trump reappeared. However, his anger about the defeat still lingers. So he criticized Biden in regards to India, China and Russia in his speech.

Trump raised the issue of climate change at the annual conference of the Conservative Political Action Committee in Orlando, Florida. He criticized Biden for re-joining the Paris Agreement, saying it was discriminatory. Commenting on India being unclean, he said, ‘America is already clean; But China, Russia, India are not clean, so what is the point of re-joining the agreement? We were following the rules, but China, India and Russia were not.
They were spreading smoke. China has not taken any steps in ten years, Russia follows the old parameters. We were hit hard in the beginning and lost tens of thousands of jobs. We believe in standing up against China. Outsourcing must be stopped, our factories and supply chains must be restored, and the United States must rule the world of the future, not China.

After leaving the White House, Trump signalled his intention to return to politics. “I can run for president in 2024,” he said. “I don’t think we lost the November 3, 2020 election.”

He dismissed speculation that he might form a new party. “68% of people want me to run for president,” he said, quoting a poll. 95% of the participants supported my policies. ‘

He asked, ‘Did you miss me?’, Said America went from ‘First’ to ‘Last’

Trump initially asked, ‘Did you miss me?’ The audience nodded. “The Biden administration has proven that you are anti-job, anti-family, anti-energy, anti-science,” Trump said. In a month, we’ve moved from ‘America First’ to ‘America Last’.

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