Pregnant with triplets, she shares photos of her belly after childbirth

Enceinte de triplés, elle partage les photos de son ventre après l’accouchement

After you have made the buzz with her impressive baby bump, Maria has chosen to share the evolution of his belly after the birth of her baby.

Pregnant with triplets, Maria Nordø Jørstad had shared her impressive baby bump on the social networks. His belly was so big that the photos had made the buzz on the Internet.

A trial challenging

A native of Copenhagen, Denmark, the young woman 36-year-old gave birth last September 12. Since then, she has decided to share photos of her babies, as well as photos of her belly after childbirth.

I still have a funny tummy that hangs down and I’m a bit surprised that it has not shrunk since my last shot three weeks ago.

said Maria to the Daily Mail.

It is a little disappointing, and I’m not very happy to share this photo. But fortunately, the scar of my c-section hurt me anymore and these last two days, I feel again myself.

Contrary to what some women may say, childbirth can sometimes be an ordeal to be challenging.

This is the reality for many women and you never see photos like this,

we can read on the site 7sur7.

The account Instagram of Maria, Triplets of Copenhagen, is followed by more than 230,000 people. Its publications generate each time thousands of likes and thousands of comments.