Megan Markle : She would have committed suicide if she had stayed in the royal family

Megan Merkel, the youngest daughter-in-law of Britain’s royal family, said that after coming to the monarchy, her freedom was severely hampered. Her life was lonely in the royal family. She was not even allowed to go to lunch with her friends due to the media frenzy. Britain’s Crown Prince Harry and his wife, Megan Merkel, have made a number of secret revelations in an interview with renowned American TV celebrity Oprah Winfrey on Sunday.

She said, “there was a time when I was completely collapsed. I didn’t want to live, I had suicidal thoughts. There was a fear of history repeating itself.”

According to the Duchess of Sussex Megan, ‘I knew as much as my husband Harry said about the royal family. People think this is a fairy tale. But the reality is very different. ‘Merkel said, “We were married three days before the royal wedding. The royal wedding on May 19, 2018 was just a formality. I knew that day was more important to the world than to me and Harry.

Megan said about the argument with Thoreau Jau Kate, Kate was not happy with the Flower Girls clothes. It made me cry. However, Kate later apologized to me by sending me a bouquet and a message. But the news spread that I cried for Kate. My biggest mistake was believing in the monarchy. The royal family assured us that we would always be safe. But that didn’t happen. ”

Prince Harry said his father, Charles, was the most upset. After the financial aid was cut off, there was a time when they stopped taking our calls. If my mother Princess Diana were alive, she would be in great pain. At such times the royal family could have stood on its own two feet. But it was more painful that no one said anything. ‘Harry-Megan announced in an interview that she would soon have a daughter.

The dynasty denied the claim that the royal family would not grant Archie, Son of Harry-Megan, the throne, as the son Archie was not white. The family had discussed it with Harry before he was born, it was horrible. “The rules were changed when I was pregnant. The news shocked me.” Megan said.

“I have always valued independence, I have always been outspoken, especially about women’s rights. That’s the sad irony of the whole thing in the last four years. I have advocated for so long for women to use their voice and then I was silent.”

Meghan Markle’s revelation about Britain’s Royal Family is big, but not really surprising.

Prince Harry had also lashed out at his family for not supporting his wife during the racist media coverage. He suggested that the family did not speak out as they feared losing the British press’s support.

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