Leading Countries Unite Together To Counter China In Indo-pacific

Australian prime minister Scott Morrison tweeted “We’ll strengthen our very strong alliance even further, including insecurity, trade, climate change, & energy tech. We discussed responding to #COVID19, promoting a free & open Indo-Pacific & working with our ASEAN and Pacific partners.”

More countries are stepping up their defenses against the Chinese aggression in this region. The Quad is strengthening its partnership and the leaders of this alliance are set to hold their first-ever summit together that is happening this month.

At a time when European powers have stepped up their efforts to keep China in check. The report explained how world powers are looking at the indo-pacific to counter Beijing’s military aggression. An announcement from Australia caught the world by surprise on Friday. A very warm and engaging call with president prime minister Scott Morrison confirmed that the leaders of the Quad will hold their first-ever summit together.

The Quad is a strategic Quadrilateral of India Australia japan and the united states.  Morrison said Quad summits will become a feature of indo-pacific engagement and the four leaders will work together for peace prosperity and stability in the region.

The Australian prime minister said in his speech that I am looking forward to that first gathering of the Quad leaders. It’ll be the first-ever such gathering I’ve already had a bilateral discussion about this with Narendra Modi and Yoshi sugar the prime minister of Japan and of course the prime minister of India Narendra Modi, and we’re looking forward to those discussions and follow up face-to-face meetings as well.

With china expanding its presence and military assets in the region, the indo-pacific has become the world’s new strategic playground. The Quad is not the only group countering the dragon.

Europe has entered the fray too. European warships are sailing into the troubled waters of the indo-pacific. On Wednesday the French embassy in Tokyo informed the world about the activities of a frigate in Asian waters. This comes after a french nuclear submarine was seen in the philippine sea back in December. That was during anti-submarine exercises with American and Japanese defense forces France also has two new military bases in the region in new Caledonia and French Polynesia.

Then comes Germany ready to play a role in protecting the indo-pacific it plans to send a frigate to Asia this august on its way back it will cross the hotly contested south china sea. The united kingdom does not want to be left behind later this year.

The British planned to deploy the HMS Queen Elizabeth to the region reports say the warship will sail from Portsmouth in May. It will have U.S marine corps and RAF personnel on board along with British and American fighter jets merlin helicopters and several escorts like royal navy ships a tanker and an American navy destroyer. The U.S is welcoming these moves from its friends across the Atlantic. last month president Joe Biden had appealed to allies in Europe and Asia to work together.

He said “We must prepare together for long-term strategic competition with china how the united states Europe and Asia work together to secure the peace and defend our shared values and advance our prosperity across the Pacific will be among the most consequential efforts we undertake he wanted them to prepare a long-term plan to counter china with the Quad now stepping up its engagement in Europe upping its stakes in the indo-pacific china’s expansionism in the south china sea faces a stiff push back.

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