Hyundai is bringing a fuel cell vehicle back to Japan.

According to Nikkei, Hyundai Motor aims to introduce fuel cell vehicle in Japan in 2022, marking the South Korean automaker’s return to the market with environmentally friendly offerings after decade of absence.
Hyundai has already received permission from Tokyo to sell the hydrogen-powered FCV in Japan, so the Nexo crossover will make its debut there that year.
In addition, the company plans to introduce its electric vehicles to Japan, including the Kona Electric sport utility vehicle and other models set to debut next year and beyond. The automaker would build its own distribution network rather than relying on its existing networks.
In 2001, Hyundai entered the Japanese market. 
However, it beat retreat in 2009 after failing to gain momentum due to low brand awareness. 
Hyundai is attempting to rebrand itself this time by emphasizing the cutting-edge nature of its EVs and FCVs.

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