Brexit Row Explodes: Lord Frost Accuses Eu Of ‘ill Will’ Over Uk Exit

The UK’s lead Brexit minister has called on the EU to “shake off any remaining ill will” over the UK’s decision to leave the organization.

Lord Frost said the EU’s previous threat to block vaccine exports had “significantly undermined” post-Brexit measures in Northern Ireland.

He proclaimed the UK’s unilateral move to increase grace periods on border checks was legal under the Brexit trade deal.

The EU debated on this and is preparing to start a legal challenge.

The UK has said it will delay new checks on goods that will arrive from Great Britain into Northern Ireland, admitted as part of the UK’s withdrawal deal.

According to EU’s Commission Vice-President Maroš Šefčovič, it a “violation” of the part of the deal relating to Northern Ireland and said legal action was impending. Writing in the Sunday Telegraph, Lord Frost insisted the delayed border checks were a “temporary” measure justified to implement the so-called Northern Ireland Protocol.

The Cabinet Office minister further added that the measures were justified by the “fragile” situation in Northern Ireland.

“They are about protecting the everyday lives of people in Northern Ireland, making sure they can receive parcels and buy the usual groceries from the supermarket.

Regarding Vaccine exports row,  Lord Frost said the threat had “significantly undermined cross-community confidence in the Protocol”.

He added he wanted to work with the EU towards “common goals” after the UK formally cut legal ties at the end of the Brexit transition earlier this year.

“I hope they will shake off any remaining ill will towards us for leaving, and instead build a friendly relationship, between sovereign equals,” he added.

Lord Frost, who negotiated the UK’s Brexit trade deal with the EU, took up a new role overseeing the relationship with the bloc earlier this year.

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